During the Covid pandemic of 2020, I created a series of paintings with an idea of exploring the possibilities of working with oilsticks, and further blind drawing.




In creating this series, I composed the first painting with my eyes closed, and then composed each subsequent painting while looking at the one that came before, and not at my hands. In this way the transference of information from one painting to the next was similar but not exactly the same.

At one point I realized that this method of composing paintings is comparable to the game of ‘broken telephone’ in which a message is whispered from one person to the next all around a circle, changing a little with each iteration until it becomes very unlike the original.

This can cause laughter in the game, and frustration in more serious conversations.

I began to think more about the transference of all sorts of information – intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, sensory, and all that we can and cannot perceive over time. It seems that information transference can never be perfectly accurate in any linear sense.

And yet, within this ever-imperfect situation, people continue to share more similarities than differences overall.

Verna Vogel
November 2021