I work in sketchbooks a lot.  Here are some recent pages from my book titled “Integuments”.

This book began as an exploration of basically black-and-white paint pen drawings.  But gradually I began to add colour, and these latest entries are very colourful indeed.

Perhaps I am in need of the colour.

Like many artists, I am prefer solitary, self-directed work.  I cherish my alone time.  I have even felt that I could happily live in a cave, as long as it were reasonably dry and warm, with a few things to eat and a few art supplies… haha!

Now that we’ve all been living in the covid cave for quite some time, I realize the ideal is… well, perhaps not so ideal after all.

I and many others are realizing this.  I’m very glad I have paints, and brushes, and a sketchbook, to create a colourful world here in my cave.  Eventually I may even get back into my studio to create some larger paintings on canvases.

Meanwhile, perhaps you in your cave can catch a little spark of joy when you see these sketches.

Thank you for your interest, dear Reader, and may we meet again one sunny day.