I’ll be sending out a few paintings to Art on 9th in Invermere BC at the end of this month.  Feeling happy to have been asked to show my work with them for their May-July Studio Exhibit.

Framing paintings has become part of my preparation for sending work out.  I developed a simple strip framing design that is lightweight, not too visually bulky, and leaves no nail holes in the sides of my canvases.  The frames will protect my paintings when they are moved around in the gallery and clients’ homes etc.  I’m quite pleased with the design, both functionally and aesthetically.

I’ll be sending out a mailchimp newsletter this week with more details of the Studio Exhibit, and some other bits of good news.  Good news, yes!  I can use any bits of good news that come my way, particulary this year, and I imagine the same is true for most people.

I’m quite liking my new website, although it still needs a lot of work, mostly images input by me, haha.  I will get to it all eventually.  One part I really like about it is that you can sign up for my newsletters at the bottom of any page.   Slick, huh?  (:

My blog posts are much shorter now than they used to be… partly because I have quite a few more things in the go at any given time than I did 10 years ago!  But, also definitely distracted by the social medias of IG and FB.  Those sites are quick and easy, but sometimes I miss the more in-depth writing I used to do about my work.  Hmmm.  I need to familiarize myself more with this new website blog anyway, so perhaps a bit more writing, and studio images, are in the future here  (:

Thank you for reading, and until next time.