About a month ago I packaged up 9 paintings and shipped them out to Art on Ninth.  This gallery has been around for some years, first in Calgary, and now in Invermere BC.

There is always a sort of nostalgia when paintings leave the studio, but also excitement.  More free wall space, and mental space too!  As you can see, already there are a few new paintings beginning to take shape.

I’ve been really looking critically at some of my older work, pulling paintings off their stretcher frames and stretching new canvases on them.




But some of the older paintings are worth saving.  And some are worth working over:

Left side: older painting which has been languishing on the racks for maybe 2 years.
Middle: beginning to work over with some opaque colour.
Right side: adding some darks and… stop.  For now.

The inspiration part of painting always feels like a gift.  It is a gift that arrives through work and dedication, because one must be prepared in order to receive.  Even when I don’t feel like painting, there are many other things to do: prep work like stretching and gessoing canvases, laying simple grounds that can be worked over later, or cleaning and tidying the studio.  Mopping the floor is invariably good for circulation and those exercise endorphins!

Mobile 2021.10 Oil on canvas, 76×36”

I’ve put a couple of strong nails in one of the wooden window frames on our house, for the purpose of photographing my work.  A bright but overcast day gives perfect light to get good colour.  At some point I *should* probably purchase proper lighting gear so that I can document my work more conveniently, without having to wait for the randomly-occurring perfect outdoor light…  On the other hand, there is something I enjoy about having to wait for what I want.

Orson Wells said: “The faster we move, the less time we have.”

And what has my life been so far, but a dedication to creating time, and space, and unhurriedness?  Another gift which I’ve worked hard for, and must remain continually prepared to receive.

Thank you as always for reading my blog, and I hope that you too are receiving the gifts you have prepared for.

Until next time,